The Overrated Finish Line


Our mantra
finish what you start
is rooted in the way we revere
those who came before us.
Those who walked over land
by day
and by night
until the days totalled hundreds.
Because everything we know today
hinges on the resolve they embraced
to finish what you start.

We say
finish what you start
so often
it permeates the walls
and carries with it
the power to limit the future freedom
of those we work so hard
to pull the walls down for.
Those for whom finish what you start means

a judo belt colour
a royal conservatory number
A swim standard letter

When they hear
finish what you start
it has the power to deep-six the permission
they grant themselves
to draw that bold sharpie line
between what feels right and what doesn’t.

to part with love that isn’t equal
to leave a job that doesn’t justify
to say enough because. Because I’ve had enough.

Learning to draw that line
when we model
our right to measure the span between
the cost of
and the value of

the colour
the number
the letter

And, grows stronger as we revere those who come after us
because we have empowered them to know when
to finish what you start.

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