2 thoughts on “I am not You”

  1. Shane B December 2, 2017 10:11 pm

    I like the story of this poem.
    To me…
    The first verse represents individual self esteem. With the individual feeling comfortable with her/hm self but still sees what is going on.
    The second verse is my favorite of the poem as the narrator feels empathy towards the observer. (I imagine that the narrator has felt in the past what the observer may be going through now)
    And finally the last verse (to me) represents freedom. A free spirit at peace.
    Cool Tamara

    • tamaravukusic December 3, 2017 4:08 pm

      Thank you for reading with so much thought and depth of perspective. I am constantly reminded that what looks painful for others (especially for kids) is tinted by my own hopes, hurts and experiences. After years of working on detachment I have come to the conclusion it’s not part of my fabric. I feel with everything I have.

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